Contego is an integrated software suite that manages all aspects of your operation. Systems talk to each other, there is no need to waste time populating multiple platforms.

What Does Contego Do?

What is Contego?

Contego is a collaboration platform which drives improved efficiency across the entire organization. The benefits extend to managing personnel, equipment, operational issues and the associated documentation on one centralized platform.

The single dataset allows for information to be interpreted at a system level while still having a practical application at the shop level. This allows management to make informed & proactive decisions which improve overall business outcomes as well as accelerating your organizations continual improvement.

What are the Benefits to you?

Enhanced accountability and visibility across the organisation results in improved governance at all levels.

A single data source results in less errors and double data entry.

Automated notifications and workflows make the most complex tasks seem rudimentary. No longer are countless hours spent manually performing and following up on these tasks.

The actions of all key decision stakeholders are auditable which adds accountability for any operational delays.

How does it work?

Put simply, Contego integrates data across multiple platforms. This is the key to operational efficiency. Different organizational areas can reference the same data in a way that makes sense to them.

In a project environment, the platform can be opened up to external parties so that collaboration reaches new levels of efficiency. All parties are contributing to the same platform which saves countless hours over the life of a project.

Contego is developed on HTML5 which simply means you are getting a platform that is dynamic and responsive regardless of what device it is accessed from.  


If you would like to learn more you can download the full brochure here



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