Compliance Management

Every organisation has legal obligations that need to be met. If you aren’t aware of these legal obligations then you are leaving your organisation wide open to serious repercussions when someone knowingly or unknowingly breaches these obligations. Let Contego help you with systematically identifying and linking these requirements to people and jobs.

The Problems


No idea what legal obligations your organization has.


Legal requirements are in an xls sheet and are not dynamically linked to jobs, controls or people.


Requirements aren’t linked to audit questions so difficult to show compliance.


No way to manipulate data or run reports on current compliance gaps.


No way to demonstrate how ISO14001 impacts and aspects link to legal requirements.

The Features


A centralised solution that allows multiple user access.


A master repository of all requirements that apply to the organisation.


Filterable by location, country, applicable standard etc.


Link requirements to tasks and people within the organisation.


Link requirements to procedures to demonstrate procedural compliance


Link requirements to audit questions so that evidence can be presented to demonstrate compliance.


Run reports to show how ISO requirements are being met by the organisation.


Identify gaps and track these as action items in the Corrective Actions Register.


A solution that has a central library of all legal and other requirements that are linked to the task register and audit questions. An interactive result that makes compliance a simple task.


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