Risk Management

Risk Management is key to every organization’s corporate strategy. If a company isn’t managing risk it can do untold damage to the organisation’s reputation and in the worst case scenario can result in the loss of a life.

The Problems


No idea what risk is present in the organisation.


Risk Assessments are a cumbersome process that aren’t used because they take so long and aren’t linked to other areas of the organisation.


No idea if risk is being managed to an ALARP level or no way to demonstrate this.


Risk is not linked to person, position or business unit making reporting very time consuming.

The Features


A centralised solution that allows multiple user access.


A master repository of all tasks, hazards and risks that apply to the organisation


Filterable by location, project, position, task etc.


Link hazards, risks and controls to tasks and people within the organisation.


Generate risk assessments from a mobile device that can be used and signed on site.


Link controls to audit system so that compliance can be assessed.


Run reports to show how ISO requirements are being met by the organisation.


Identify gaps and track these as action items in the Corrective Actions Register.


A system that makes life easier for all parties by making the risk management process an integrated part of daily operations. By having a tool that can improve the safety and efficiency of those people who need it the most.


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