Corrective Actions

Contego Correct is a centralised repository for all items that require followup within your organisation. It integrates with all other Contego modules and checklists so gone are the days of trying to manage 50 different registers.

The Problems


No centralised solution to track corrective actions.


Multiple registers


No followup mechanism


Poor oversight of corrective action status


No verification to confirm actions have been closed effectively


No reporting mechanism to

The Features


A centralised system that brings in outstanding items from all areas of the organization into one interface so that oversight can be maintained.


An effective platform to manage Non-conformances and the required management of change protocols.


Interaction with Contego Audit and Observe modules so that all Non Conformances can be generated at the site and synchronised into the system.


Each outstanding item is assigned a level of criticality so that followup can be prioritised.


Email notifications when items are approaching overdue date


Powerful dashboard and reporting functions so that trends can be identified.


Export and import to and from excel so that legacy data can be incorporated.


Two way synchronization of actions between other systems so that the updates that are made are seen across the board.


Centralisation of corrective actions in a system that reduces the time spent trying to manage these items in multiple independent platforms. Improved efficiency which results in improved cost savings to the organization.


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