Audit and Compliance

Contego Audit is an integrated solution that allows auditors and inspectors to improve the efficiency of their site visits and as a result reduce the costs to the organisation. Audit items can be assigned directly to individuals from the field and closed out just as efficiently

The Problems


Excess hours spent conducting audits and then populating findings into an easy to track register.


Tracking multiple audits over multiple sites to closure.


Combining updates from multiple departments into a single register


An easy way for the person responsible to update auditor


Not being notified once an item passes deadline

The Features


A desktop and mobile solution that allows audits and checklists to be completed in the field and then brought back to the office where they can be updated before circulating


Audit findings including observations, photos and person responsible are entered once which increases efficiency throughout the audit process.


Individuals that are responsible for follow-up are notified via email and can update directly into the system saving the need for double data entry.


All outstanding items are tracked on a single platform which eliminates confusion with multiple instances of an audit in circulation.


All outstanding items are synchronised with Contego Corrective Action which allows for centralised overview of outstanding items from multiple audits.


Intuitive dashboard and reporting modules allow for accurate oversight of organizational status.


An audit system that is integrated with other business models that increases efficiency and reduces cost to the organization.



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