Site Observations

Contego Observe is an integrated solution that allows you to manage site observations including acts, conditions, non-conformances, and diary entries. It is a powerful desktop and site based mobile application which makes the job of managing site based risk all that much easier.

The Problems


No way to trend unsafe acts and conditions.


Having to fill out checklists or forms on site and then take back to office to enter into computer.


Hours spent entering observations


No way to automatically generate reports from data.


No way to identify which individuals are proactive or engaged in the reporting of unsafe observations.

The Features


A desktop and mobile solution that allows the reporting of unsafe acts and conditions across the organization.


Powerful dashboard and reporting features so that KPI’s can be analysed.


Non Conformance report generation with customisable workflows.


Integration with the Contego HR and training module so individuals don’t have to be added to separate systems.


Fully customisable fields to accommodate any observation and reporting requirement.


Track daily diary entries for multiple sites and multiple persons across the organization.


Mobile app can work on and offline.


An observation solution that allows users to identify and record issues on the spot. A system that improves the efficiency of your workforce and improves the level of oversight you have which shows you are managing your risks.



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Mobile App Site Observations

Fully customisable fields to accommodate any observation and reporting requirement. Read More
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