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Contego DMS manages all company documentation including automating workflows and incorporating digital signatures which will save your company thousands within the first year with improved efficiencies.

Contego DMS has saved companies thousands of dollars by improving workflow efficiency and reducing printing costs by up to 80%.

The ripple flow effect of having an electronic DMS also means that documents can be moved off location to archive sooner which results in less floor space wasted in filing hard copies of documents.

Contego DMS has RFID integration which means that it can manage both hard copy and soft copy documentation which is important if any documents need to be retrieved as part of legal proceedings.

The solution is fully indexed along with enterprise metadata so that documents can be found in no time. The platform can be setup as a cloud or on premise solution with a centralised or dispersed replication mode.

The Benefits


Reduced printing costs.


Faster turnaround on document approvals.


Better management of versioning and revisions.


Multiple user single document collaboration.


Commenting and notification functions for quicker reviews.


More efficient tendering process


View Drawings (CAD, RVT etc.) and Technical Documents


Create complex workflows with a simple visual interface


Electronic signatures


Scanned document OCR functionality

The Features



Documents are stored in a centralised location with specific user rights assigned so people see only what they are meant to. Versioning and approvals are managed effortlessly by the systems inbuilt functionality.



Setting up workflow templates has never been easier with contego improving your efficiency. The workflow process is a simple drag and drop operation and once setup can handle document approvals, document transmittals, bid packages and handover of final documentation.



With Contego email integration, correspondence can shared between team members and valuable information that was once stuck in personal inboxes is now available to increase efficiency across the team.



Any document or form that is made up of checklists or requires approval can be developed in an electronic format and incorporated with digital signatures. This greatly improves the approval and filing time of any document.



By using Contego’s digital approval functionality approval workflows are kept moving, no longer do documents have to be printed just for the purpose of signing a page .


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