Crew Management

Contego Crewing is a centralised resourcing solution that integrates with other aspects of the Contego Suite or your existing HR software. It controls the complete crewing process across the organisation. It plans, schedules and monitors work and rest hours.

The Problems


No centralised management of staff


Multiple remote worksites


Need to schedule training


Different departments and Business Units need access to same data


Need to track hours worked by project


Need to manage emergency response teams


Need to forecast what personnel you need for upcoming projects

The Features


A centralised crewing solution with integration


Control the crewing process across the extended organisation


Planning, scheduling and monitoring of work and rest hours


Easy to use, highly customisable platform


Optimization of crew deployment in line with safe manning requirements


A complete employee database with comprehensive records


Find employees with specific qualification sets


Manage certificates, licences, qualifications, medicals and travel documents


Track performance appraisals


Monitor work, rest and travelling hours


Manage room assignments on location


Assign crew to emergency roles, lifesaving equipment and evacuation groups.


Prepare flight manifests


Run POB reports


Manage rostering


An integrated approach to crew management that will improve efficiency across the organisation by using a single source of data for all business units.



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