Tender and Bids

Bids Preperation is a process that places a lot of stress on existing resources particularly when there are tight deadlines to submit documents.

It often requires separate departments to be working on different sections of the document. Even if track changes is used this still requires different documents to be merged back into one which can be an administration nightmare for the bid coordinator.

The Problems


Tight deadlines


Limited resources


Each user completing their part of the bid document and then sending back to bid coordinator who need to merge all changes back into one final document.


No centralization or control of Bid documentation


No way to share useful correspondence with other bid members on clarifications etc.


Bid correspondence not being catalogued for audit or reference requirements

The Features


Allows multiple users to coauthor a single document, this way all users see the updates as they happen. This saves countless hours repackaging multiple documents back into one


Manages document access through the various stages of the bid processes and locks down confidential documents up to a stage where more of the team can have access


All email, letters and faxes become part of the shared work area for the bid. This allows the team to reference correspondence that wasn’t addressed to them but does impact on their area of bid responsibility.


Tracks versions. Users can compare original bid documentation with updated versions that are delivered from the client which allows the team to quickly find new or changed clauses.



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