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Contego Project DMS manages all drawings, BIM models, tender bids, contracts, transmittals, schedules and final project documentation so that everyone from contractors to asset owner will benefit from the platform. Manage Information and flows for the entire project and further.

Contego Project Document Management System (DMS) is a cost effective and feature rich platform which allows for project wide collaboration on projects.

The system can be used to view any number of engineering drawings by different departments. The cad viewer works on mobile devices so that the people on site can see the information they need, when they need.

Project documentation is managed from pretender stage right through to post handover where the system functions equally impressive as an asset information management system where drawings can be linked to certification, OEM manuals and inspection routines.

Contego Project DMS links with other modules of the contego suite to allow on site nonconformances to entered against part numbers from the CAD drawings so when the followup request is emailed to the respective party, there is no confusion to which item is being referred to.

Contego is a cost effective solution that will improve your organisation’s efficiency through being better organised when it comes to managing projects.

The Features



Documents can shared throughout the project with both employees, subcontractors and third parties external to the organization. Documents can be viewed at the site on smartphones and tablets. You work in real time with all the people who need to see what you see.



BIM on the Contego platform allows all users to access and manage multidimensional model right at the worksite. 3D models can be loaded and with markups and comments synced back to Revit. All decisions and modifications form part of the auditable document trail.



Setting up workflow templates has never been easier with contego improving your efficiency. The workflow process is a simple drag and drop operation and once setup can handle design reviews, document transmittals, bid packages and handover of final documentation.



With Contego email integration, correspondence can be classified by project or discipline or many other configurable categories. It reduces the risk of future disputes as all correspondence can be logged giving you the assurance that we have you covered.



Any issues either on or off site can be logged through the Contego Observe mobile application and followup is assigned on the spot to the required party. All issues are brought into a central register with all parties having access to applicable items.



With a highly customisable dashboard you can see where the potential bottlenecks are in the project. Seeing the big picture makes it easier to determine if change needs to be implemented to keep the project on schedule.



As Contego is a collaborative platform it allows many parties to assist with the assembly of final documentation portfolios. It standardises the format so that all contractors follow the same guidelines and allows the project responsible to easily monitor the progress on percentages.



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