Equipment Management

Contego Equipment is setup to track any inventory along a centralised resourcing solution that integrates with other aspects of the Contego Suite or your existing HR software. It controls the complete crewing process across the organization. It plans, schedules and monitors work and rest hours.

The Problems


Equipment certificates are lost.


Reinspections Lapse


No idea where equipment is located


Takes days to do a stocktake


Serial numbers are unreadable


No central oversight of equipment status


Records are only kept at one location with no disaster recovery


Certificates kept at HQ which causes issues during an audit

The Features


A centralized solution that allows multiple user access.


Replication of databases between sites which allows for oversight and assistance with maintaining records.


Notification when equipment reinspection is required.


Certification and Examinations are stored in each items for its operational life.


RFID solution which allows equipment to be tagged and tracked with accuracy.


Mobile app which allows the solution to be taken out to the equipment which increases efficiency.


Powerful inventory search features which allows items to be located with speed.


Simple and intuitive interface which allows anyone to pick up quickly.


Highly customizable which makes it just as suitable to equipment on an oil rig, a construction site or a police armoury.


A detailed overview of all equipments with accurate tracking along with certification and examination management which will result in improved efficiency across the organization.



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