Offshore Drilling Contractor - Privately Held Company

Market Cap 900 Million USD
Singapore HQ

The Company is a startup drilling contractor who needed a system to house all their documentation, record site observations and audits along with equipment management and training and competency tracking.

During a prequalification exercise they were discounted due to the fact that they had no adequate systems to track training and personnel. During the followup evaluation Contego training was presented to the Oil company and they were praised for implementing such a professional system in such a short time.

All site observation on board their rigs are recorded using Contego Observe which handles the efficient input of over 170 observations a day.

Company Management System

The Company Management System which comprised over 5000 documents was deployed through Contego DMS with realtime replication to all rigs and regional offices. Documents were set up with authors, owners and approver workflows which ensured only the latest versions of each document were available at each site.

Contego Training was deployed to all rigs and regional offices along with the Singapore HQ. This allowed people onshore at different locations including the 3rd Party Labor contractor to update personnel under their responsibility to share the workload. Each rig was able to manage internal training through the system as well as crewing and manhours.

Contego Equipment was deployed to the rigs so that a 3rd Party Inspection company could conduct inspections of lifting gear and then deploy updates back to the rig through the cloud.

Technical Details

Contego was setup with the master instance on a SQL 2012 Server in the Singapore Office. SQL Replication was set for 2-way replication every 6 hours. The Contego DMS was set for realtime replication. The regional offices were set to access the system through RDP. Later into the project when regional offices purchased SQL Server the system was set to replicate with the HQ instance on a 4 hourly basis.

The 3rd party Labor supplier accessed Contego through RDP and updated personnel details this way. The third party Inspection company accessed Contego in the cloud which was set to manually replicate with the Singapore HQ instance. Updates were then pushed out to the rigs on the 4 hourly replication.


Singapore: +65 983 894 92

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