Offshore Drilling Contractor

Privately Held Company Headquartered in Singapore
Current value of Construction Projects 1.6 Billion USD

As an international offshore drilling contractor, The Company has grown steadily and is today fully developed in all aspects of operating offshore oil drilling rigs and managing large rig new-build projects.

The Company has operated drill-ships, semi-submersible rigs, jack-up rigs and drilling barges on a world-wide basis, specializing on non-harsh environments.

The Company provides project management and supervision services during construction, conversion, upgrades and repairs of offshore drilling units. The Company has been an active player in the recent rig new-build boom, helping investors to gain returns on their assets by providing industrial expertise.

Currently The Company has 3 rigs under management; 1 midwater semi-submersible drilling rig in operation and 2 ultra deepwater semi submersibles under construction, for delivery in 2016.

New Zealand Waters for Shell

Contego Training and Crewing have assisted The Company in meeting the stringent compliance requirements of operating a rig in New Zealand Waters for Shell. The Company had to demonstrate an alignment between the International qualifications of their crew against the local qualification requirements when working in NZ. The flexibility of Contego allowed the training matrix to be set up in such a way that it identified specific client or country training requirements that were more stringent than their own company requirements. This allowed The Company to preempt what training was required well before the rig arrived.

The crewing module allowed both HR in Singapore and New Plymouth to access the same data so that training could be booked and persons notified at the same time.

Technical Details

Contego was deployed to the Singapore HQ on SQL Server 2008. It was also deployed to the rig operating in NZ with a C Band Satellite Connection with 2mb up and down connection Speeds. The New Plymouth office accessed the Singapore Instance of Contego over RDP.

SQL Replication services was setup between the Singapore Office and the Rig with 6 hourly 2-way replication.


Singapore: +65 983 894 92

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