Digital Signatures

How Handwritten Signatures Impact Your Workflows

Sign documents at least 4 times per week. 31% sign 8 or more times per week

Added to each signature process. 24% add 2–5 days to their processes!

Documents printed for the sole purpose of obtaining a signature. 34% print at least ¾ of their documents just to add a signature!

Our current client is a construction company in Australia involved in both civil roadworks and buildings.

They had a custom sharepoint solution for their company documentation as well as projects. The cost for the custom solution was in excess of $1.4 million SGD.

Problems They Faced

• It was project centric (while trying to capture company procedures)
• There were no workflows.
• There was no mobile access.
• Documents had to be printed then signed and then scanned back into the system.
• Scanned documents had no OCR text recognition and couldn’t be searched.
• They had to use 3rd Party Solutions for collaboration on projects as their system had no CAD viewer functionality
• They had paid a lot of money for a system that was not performing

Company Related Costs

$10,000 Monthly subscription

and IT support costs.

0.1% of Project value

additional subscription to Project Collaboration Software with CAD Viewer.

$15,000 annual Subscription

for software to manage project non conformances.

35% of daily hours wasted

by engineers double data entering site audits from notebook into excel.

$120,000 wasted on printing

project paperwork.

How did we help?

• Reduced monthly IT fees by $10,000
• Eliminated the need to have a secondary system to run projects on
• Eliminated need to use 3rd party solution to run project.
• Improved engineers efficiency by 35% by eliminating need to double enter data along with automated workflows.
• Reduced printing costs by 80% by introducing electronic collaboration form that has workflows and digital signatures.

Total Savings

TOTAL Savings were in excess of $1 million in first year.



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